DryWired® Launches Compact Nanocoating System for Electronic Retailers

DryWired®  to revolutionize the retail market for consumer electronic hydrophobic coatings by reducing the high entry-level costs traditionally associated with the technology.


BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/  –

— DryWired® announced today that it is expanding its customized surface modification product portfolio to include the DryWired™ Nebula and the Nebula Junior. These revolutionary patent- pending desktop nanocoating systems are low cost, compact, and ideal for electronic retailers looking to offer invisible water repellent nanocoatings directly to their customers. The Nebula systems are a perfect solution for consumer-facing mobile phone retailers, repair/service centers, mobile phone accessory providers and other small businesses due to their small footprint and performance reliability.

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The Nebula systems can be used to nanocoat mobile phones, iPads and other tablets, gaming consoles, headsets, headphones and ear buds, hearing aids, cameras, electronic assemblies, and other high value items.

The DryWired® Nebula features a two-tiered configuration in the chamber, which can accommodate a maximum of 28 smartphones per cycle. The more compact, DryWired® Nebula Junior also features two configurable tiers and can accommodate up to 14 mobile devices per coating cycle. Both systems are safe and user friendly with programmable settings. The Nebula systems use disposable gas cartridges that are non-hazardous, non-toxic, and can be shipped worldwide without restrictions. The award-winning Nebula systems are designed and manufactured in California, U.S.A. and are CE-marked, ISO-certified and UL-listed.

“We are thrilled to introduce the DryWired™ Nebula and Nebula Junior,” said DryWired™ VP of Business Development Alex Nesic. “We are confident that these two compact nanocoating systems will provide a phenomenal value addition to a variety of retailers in the electronics sector by increasing the availability and driving down the cost of this protective service.”

DryWired® will present the Nebula systems to the public this week in Barcelona, Spain at the 2014 Mobile World Congress. The systems will be available for viewing and live demonstration by appointment only at the DryWired meeting room from Monday February 24th through Thursday February 27th, and thereafter at DryWired’s Los Angeles & Miami showrooms. DryWired is now taking pre-orders on its Nebula systems for shipment beginning March 1st. To schedule a meeting or place a pre-order on either system, please contact Alex Nesic atalex@drywired.com.

About DryWired®

Los Angeles based DryWired licenses, customizes and distributes over 100 different advanced protective nanocoating technologies providing critical protection to electronics, textiles, infrastructure and transportation from liquids, oil, corrosion, heat and abrasion. DryWired™ products and nanocoating machine systems are engineered and made in the USA.


DryWired® Contact:

Alex Nesic alex@drywired.com / +1-310-855-1201

DryWired Provides IPX7 Waterproof Nanocoating to 2014 CES Best Wireless Handset Winner SpareOne Plus Emergency Phones

SpareOne Plus Emergency phone becomes the world’s first wireless device certified IPX7 waterproof without mechanical seals


Las Vegas, Nevada – (January 7, 2014) – Today, Los Angeles, CA based nanotechnology firm DryWired, announces its partnership with Irvine, CA headquartered XPAL Power to provide their multi-award winning SpareOne Plus Emergency phone with DryWired’s revolutionary 101X liquid nanocoating protection.  As part of the collaboration, DryWired has begun nanocoating the latest SpareOne Plus Emergency phone with the proprietary 101X fluoropolymer coating in order to make the AA battery operated wireless devices IPX7 waterproof and corrosion resistant.

First introduced at the Mobile Asia Expo in June 2013, DryWired’s 101X is a clear PFOA and PFOS-free fluoropolymer coating that is applied by dipping or spraying PCBs with the patented U.S. made liquid solution. In order to gain protection from water exposure and corrosion, PCBs are exposed to 101X for a few seconds and left to cure for a few minutes. The contact angle to water on surfaces coated with 101X can exceed 120 degrees.  Unlike older plasma and parylene based coatings, DryWired’s 101X fluoropolymer coating does not require expensive machinery, is extremely cost effective, scalable, FDA approved for internal medical devices and can quickly be incorporated into any manufacturing process.  In addition, UV tracer dyes can be added to the 101X solution enabling quality control personnel to verify the conformity of the coating under UV light. The 101X nanocoating is approximately 1,500 times thinner than a human hair.

DryWired called upon Santa Clara, California based Quanta Laboratories to certify their 101X liquid nanocoated SpareOne Plus Emergency Phones. After rigorous Military Standard testing, the 101X nanocoated SpareOne Plus Emergency phones were certified by Quanta as having passed the Temperature Humidity Test (Per MIL-STD-810G Method 507.5), the Salt Fog Test (Per MIL-STD-810G Method 509.5) and Water Ingress Test (Per IEC 60529 IPX7).  The extent and variety of these tests further highlights the ability of DryWired’s 101X liquid nanocoating to prolong the life of electronics subjected to a wide range of adverse conditions.

“We are excited to partner with XPAL Power and thrilled that we could find the solution they were looking for to protect their SpareOne Plus Emergency phones against accidental water exposure and corrosion. We are proud that our solution will help the reliability of SpareOne Plus Emergency phones in the harshest of weather conditions. The fact that our 101X liquid nanocoating solution achieved IPX7 certification on a wireless device with no mechanical seals is a milestone for electronics manufacturing. There is no reason why this achievement cannot be duplicated throughout the industry for other electronic devices,” said CEO and Founder of DryWired, C.C. Elchidiac.

“SpareOne has been solidified as a must-have preparedness device, through its innovation and ability to keep lines of communication open when power is completely unavailable or inaccessible.  We ventured this partnership with DryWired after our existing product sparked great interest for the phone its self to be waterproof.”  Said Alan Cymberknoh, SpareOne Product Director.  “The SpareOne Plus 101X version, will be available on a project basis, and we could not be more pleased to continue to drive innovation in partnership with DryWired.”

About DryWired

Los Angeles based DryWired licenses, customizes and distributes patented nanocoating technologies that protect electronics, textiles, infrastructure, transportation and mission critical equipment from water exposure, fogging, corrosion, heat and abrasion.

DryWired chemicals and nanocoating machine systems are made in the USA.

DryWired Contact:
Ms. Samantha Gonzalez

samantha@drywired.com / +1-310-855-1201

About SpareOne

SpareOne is the only emergency mobile phone in the world powered by a single AA battery. Boasting up to 15 years of battery charge when stored unused or 10 hours of talk time when in use*, SpareOne is designed to be a lifeline in emergency situations. Featuring a TorchLight that provides 24 hours of continuous light, a dedicated 911 dial button to alert authorities, and the ability to pre-set 9 important speed dial numbers, SpareOne serves as an invaluable tool for individuals, as well as for developing nations with limited access to power.

SpareOne Contact:

Mrs. Jeniece Aragon

media@spareone.com / +1-707-921-9581

About XPAL Power

XPAL Power, a subsidiary of TennRich International, is a California-based corporation with its sales and marketing team located in the United States. The TennRich design team is located in Taiwan, and the company-owned factory in Shenzhen, PRC is the first factory in China to focus on rechargeable lithium polymer batteries and is currently one of the largest manufacturers of portable power packs in Asia.

DryWired Defense Partners With Winvale for Expanded Distribution through GSA Schedule

Firm grows its portfolio with innovative patented nano-coating technologies which make virtually any surface resistant to water, oil and corrosion.

WASHINGTON, D.C (PRWEB) June 10, 2013/ — Winvale, a premier government solutions provider in the United States, today announced it has extended its distribution agreement with DryWired Defense, a subsidiary of Los Angeles based technology firm DryWired. This partnership will allow for sales in government markets through Winvale’s General Services Administration (GSA) schedule.

By partnering with Winvale, DryWired Defense will be available to access customers in the public sector through the GSA schedule procurement process. Winvale channel partners can leverage the contract to sell products to government customers even if they do not hold a GSA contract of their own. This agreement opens up additional markets for the company while also providing DryWired Defense with the opportunity to fulfill government orders they may not otherwise have qualified to provide.

“For more than 10 years, we’ve offered proven solutions to the public sector in many areas, including technology, and we feel that a solution like the DryWired Defense nano-coating technology provides organizations the opportunity to protect and reduce the need for maintenance and repair of water-damaged electronics and surfaces is an ideal addition to the GSA schedule,” said Kevin Lancaster, Winvale Managing Partner. “DryWired’s protective nanotechnology are just such the solution that our customers require.”
“We are excited to have partnered with GSA contract holder Winvale to be able to streamline acquisition of our technologies to the US government. We know that our Military Standard certified technologies will help protect mission critical equipment as a crucial last barrier of protection against water, oil, dust, humidity and contaminants. When rubber seals fail on an electronic device in the field, DryWired’s nano-coating protection becomes essential. Our nano-coating protection is also a cost-effective solution for the public sector that will greatly reduce unnecessary spending on repairs and maintenance of government owned equipment. ” said Felipe Pimiento, COO of DryWired.”DryWired’s protective nano-coating solutions are very complimentary to the solutions already offered by Winvale.”

DryWired Defense carries protective nano-coatings solutions that were created to improve people’s lives by protecting critical surfaces and making them more reliable. These technologies are non-toxic, invisible, permanent and undetectable to touch. DryWired’s protective nano-coatings are available through the DryWired Vendor Store on the Winvale website at http://www.winvale.com/for_government/technology_manufacturers/drywired/

About DryWired Defense
DryWired Defense™, a subsidiary of Los Angeles based technology firm DryWired, licenses, markets and distributes revolutionary patented nano-coating technologies internationally. DryWired™’s surface modification technologies are non-toxic, invisible, permanent and undetectable to touch. These nano-coating technologies were developed and refined over the last 30 years by Award-winning American and European engineers in the surface modification industries. DryWired™’s nano-coating technologies are backed by a combined 44 International Patent Families issued to our scientific and engineering partners.

For more information, visit http://www.drywired.com

About Winvale
Winvale is a government sales consultancy and leading advisor on business strategy and procurement. Headquartered in Washington D.C., Winvale provides expertise to those companies seeking to conduct business with federal, state and local governments. Winvale also offers channel-friendly reseller services designed to help companies reach government buyers quickly by allowing those companies to place their products and services on its existing contract vehicles. Winvale’s client portfolio includes many small emerging firms as well as Fortune 500 and international companies.

For more information, visit http://www.winvale.com

DRYWIRED™ Receives MILITARY-STANDARD Certifications From QUANTA LABORATORIES For It’s Latest Protective Nano-Coating Technology.

DryWiredTM’s surface modification technologies receive positive results from third party facility Quanta Laboratories after a rigorous weeklong examination of DryWired nano-coating’s resistance to Humidity, Salt, Water, Dust and Contaminants.

LOS ANGELES, June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – DryWired and its subsidiary DryWired Defense, called upon Santa Clara, California based Quanta Laboratories to test the resilience of the latest DryWired protective nano-coating against rigorous U.S. Military standards.  Several DryWired nano-coated mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S3 were tested under strenuous conditions. DryWired’s nano-coated mobile devices successfully met the demands of Military Standard certification.  DryWired’s nano-coating was certified as having passed the Temperature Humidity Test (Per MIL-STD-810G Method 507.5), the Salt Fog Test (Per MIL-STD-810G Method 509.5), Water Ingress Test (Per IEC 60529 IPX7), and Dust Ingress Test (IEC 60529 IP5X. Particularly noteworthy is the Water Ingress Test, which gained DryWired’s nano-coating a new IPX7 certification of one (1) hour under a meter of water, thereby doubling their competitor’s claims of timed immersions. The extent and variety of these tests further highlights the DryWired nano-coating’s ability to prolong the life of electronics subjected to a wide range of environmental hazards.

“We have spent the last few months looking for ways to strengthen our protective solutions and give further confidence to our customers that our nano-coating is the one to trust under harsh conditions.  Today, it is with great pleasure that we publicize the results of several months of R&D,” said Chief Operating Officer of DryWired, Felipe Pimiento.  “Having a reputable independent third party like Quanta Laboratories perform our U.S. Military standard testing was important to us especially now that our coating is available through the streamlined GSA Acquisition process.”

About DryWired

DryWired Defense™, a subsidiary of Los Angeles based technology firm DryWired, licenses, markets and distributes revolutionary patented nano-coating technologies internationally. DryWired™’s surface modification technologies are non-toxic, invisible, permanent and undetectable to touch. These nano-coating technologies were developed and refined over the last 30 years by Award-winning American and European engineers in the surface modification industries. DryWired™’s nano-coating technologies are backed by a combined 44 International Patent Families issued to our scientific and engineering partners.


About Quanta Laboratories

For over 20 years, Quanta Laboratories has supported product-testing requirements for the nation’s computer, fiber optics, telecommunications, medical, food, aerospace/defense, and other high-tech electronic industries. Quanta Laboratories is the largest and most experienced independent environmental testing laboratory in Northern California and a recognized provider of environmental stress screening (ESS/HALT/HASS), vibration, shock, temperature/humidity/altitude testing, NEBS/seismic testing, engineered test services and special tests.

For further information, or for a copy of DryWired’s certifications please contact:

Samantha Gonzalez
Off: +1-310-684-3891

Technology Firm DryWired To Distribute Patented Protective Nanocoating Technology In Latin America, Middle East, Africa, India And Russia

Nanocoating Centers for the Hand-Held Electronics Industry to Open Globally

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — DryWired, a Los Angeles based technology firm and the leading licensee of a revolutionary European protective nanocoating technology launched this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in Las Vegas, NV.  The innovative nanocoating is non-toxic, invisible, and undetectable to touch and allows virtually any coated surface to be resistant to water, corrosion, and the growth of bacteria.

(Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130110/LA40401LOGO)

The DryWired nanocoating technology is backed by 9 families of international patents issued to their European licensor over the span of two decades. The Award winning protective nanocoating has been developed, refined and successfully tested over a 16-year period on all types of assembled devices and electronic components. The water and oil repellent coating is applied through an environmentally friendly low-pressure vacuum plasma process depositing a layer of water and oil protection that is approximately 1600 times thinner than a human hair. Our range of custom treatment equipment comes in different sizes and is designed to accommodate everyone from the smallest mobile phone retailer to the largest electronics manufacturer. DryWired’s protective nanocoating can be applied at any point during the manufacturing process of a consumer electronic device and will not disturb a circuit board’s functionality.

“DryWired was created with a simple idea in mind: improve people’s lives by protecting the electronic devices that have become so important to them. ” says Felipe Pimiento, Chief Operating Officer of DryWired.  “We are thrilled to be launching DryWired at CES and we look forward to distributing this exciting, proven, and tested technology in our international markets through our DryWired Coating Centers. Our centers will provide hand-held electronic distributors, manufacturers, and retailers with an opportunity to nanocoat portions of their inventory so that they can offer a more dependable product to their customers. ”

DryWired’s protective nanocoating technology is licensed in over 50 countries around the world, including Latin America, Middle East, Africa, India, and Russia.  DryWired is focused on developing strategic alliances with handheld electronic retailers, distributors and technology manufacturers in its licensed territories.

For further information, please visit www.drywired.com or email info@drywired.com.  For CES 2013 guests, please visit us at booth #25733, LVCC South Hall 2.

Press Contact:
Alexis Wallsh